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80s Fashion Trends: How to Rock it ?

80s Fashion Trends: How to Rock it ?

Introduction to 80s fashion

Step back in time and prepare to rock some seriously rad fashion trends from the 80s! The era of big hair, bold colors, and even bolder attitudes is making a comeback in today’s fashion world. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Madonna or unleash your inner punk rocker, the 80s has something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key elements of 80s fashion that will have you embracing the neon hues, shoulder pads, oversized clothing, chunky jewelry, fanny packs, scrunchies – and everything else that made this decade so iconic. So grab your leg warmers and let’s dive into how to rock those totally tubular 80s fashion trends!

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Key elements of 80s fashion

The 80s was a decade characterized by boldness and self-expression, and its fashion trends were no exception. From neon colors to oversized clothing, the key elements of 80s fashion left a lasting impact on the industry.

One of the standout features of 80s fashion was the use of vibrant neon colors. Whether it was a hot pink top or lime green leggings, these eye-catching hues were all the rage. Neon made a statement and added an element of fun to any outfit.

Shoulder pads were another iconic aspect of 80s fashion. They could be found in blazers, dresses, and even t-shirts! These padded shoulders gave women a powerful silhouette, emphasizing strength and confidence.

Oversized clothing also played a significant role in defining 80s fashion. From baggy sweaters to boyfriend jeans, everything seemed to be one size too big. This trend not only provided comfort but also had an edgy appeal that challenged traditional notions of femininity.

In terms of accessories, chunky jewelry took center stage during this era. Bold necklaces with large pendants or oversized earrings became statement pieces that completed any outfit perfectly.

Fanny packs were another accessory staple from the 80s that have recently made a comeback. These hands-free bags allowed people to carry their essentials while keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle characteristic of the time.

And who can forget about scrunchies? These fabric-covered hair ties adorned many ponytails back then – they were practical yet stylish additions to any hairstyle!

When it came to hair and makeup in the 80s, bigger was definitely better! Big hair with lots of volume was achieved through teasing or using products like mousse or hairspray. The more height and curls you had on your head, the better!

Bold makeup looks were also popular during this time period – think bright blue eyeshadow paired with rosy cheeks and glossy lips. The goal was to make a statement with your makeup,

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Clothing trends: neon colors, shoulder pads, oversized clothing

The fashion trends of the 80s were bold and daring, pushing boundaries and embracing a larger-than-life aesthetic. One of the key clothing trends that defined this era was the use of neon colors. Think bright pinks, electric blues, and vibrant yellows – these eye-catching hues made a statement wherever you went.

Shoulder pads were another iconic element of 80s fashion. They added structure and power to any outfit, giving women an assertive silhouette that exuded confidence. Whether on blazers or dresses, shoulder pads became a symbol of strength in women’s fashion during this time.

Oversized clothing was also all the rage in the 80s. From oversized sweaters paired with leggings to baggy jeans worn with crop tops, volume was embraced wholeheartedly. This relaxed fit not only offered comfort but also created an effortlessly cool vibe.

These clothing trends may seem nostalgic now, but they still have a place in modern fashion. Neon colors make occasional comebacks on runways and street style looks today, injecting bursts of energy into our outfits. Shoulder pads are often seen as a nod to retro power dressing when incorporated into contemporary designs. And oversized clothing continues to be cherished for its cozy yet chic appeal.

Incorporating elements from past decades can add flair and individuality to your personal style while paying homage to iconic fashion eras like the 80s! So don’t be afraid to experiment with neon colors or try out some exaggerated silhouettes – embrace your inner trendsetter!

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Accessory trends: chunky jewelry, fanny packs, scrunchies

Accessorizing is a crucial part of rocking the 80s fashion trends! In this era, chunky jewelry was all the rage. Think oversized earrings, statement necklaces, and bold bracelets adorned with colorful gemstones. The bolder the better!

Another must-have accessory from the 80s? Fanny packs! These convenient little bags were worn around the waist or across the chest, providing both style and functionality. They came in a variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit.

And let’s not forget about scrunchies! These elastic hair ties became an iconic accessory during the 80s. They were available in countless vibrant colors and patterns, adding a fun pop to any hairstyle.

What made these accessories so special was their ability to instantly transform an outfit into an authentic 80s look. From neon leg warmers to shoulder-padded blazers, these accessories completed every ensemble with flair.

Whether you’re attending an 80s-themed party or simply looking to add some retro vibes to your everyday style, incorporating chunky jewelry, fanny packs, and scrunchies will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

So don’t be afraid to embrace these accessory trends that defined the 80s fashion scene. Let your personality shine through by adding a touch of nostalgia to your wardrobe – because after all, fashion should always be fun and expressive!

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Hair and makeup trends: big hair, bold makeup, colored eyeshadow

The 80s were all about making a bold statement, and that certainly applied to hair and makeup. One of the most iconic trends of the era was big hair. Think voluminous curls, teased locks, and sky-high hairstyles that defied gravity. The bigger, the better! Women would spend hours in front of the mirror teasing their hair into towering masterpieces.

Bold makeup was another essential element of 80s fashion. Brightly colored eyeshadow in electric blues, pinks, and purples adorned eyelids everywhere. It wasn’t just one shade either – layering multiple colors for a rainbow effect was all the rage.

To complete the look, women embraced vibrant lipstick shades like hot pink or fiery red. They weren’t afraid to go overboard with blush either – rosy cheeks were considered fashionable rather than natural.

It’s important to note that these trends may seem excessive by today’s standards but remember they were an expression of individuality and creativity during a time when self-expression was highly valued.

So if you’re looking to rock some 80s-inspired looks today, don’t be afraid to experiment with big hairdos and colorful makeup reminiscent of this lively era!

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Why 80s fashion still rocks today

The 80s was a decade that brought us some unforgettable fashion trends. From neon colors to shoulder pads, oversized clothing to chunky jewelry, the bold and daring looks of this era continue to inspire and influence modern fashion. So why does 80s fashion still rock today?

One reason is its ability to make a statement. The loud and vibrant colors of the 80s allow individuals to express their personality and stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a neon yellow shirt or an oversized blazer in bright pink, these eye-catching pieces demand attention and exude confidence.

Additionally, 80s fashion embraces individuality. With its mix of eclectic styles and exaggerated silhouettes, this era encourages people to embrace their unique style preferences without conforming to societal norms. It celebrates self-expression through clothing choices – whether you prefer punk-inspired leather jackets or preppy pastel ensembles.

Moreover, retro fashion has made a strong comeback in recent years. Many designers draw inspiration from the iconic looks of the past, reinventing them with a modern twist for contemporary audiences. By incorporating elements of 80s fashion into their collections, they pay homage to an influential era while adding a fresh perspective.

Furthermore, nostalgia plays a significant role in our fascination with 80s fashion trends. For those who experienced this period firsthand or grew up watching movies set in that time frame (think “Pretty In Pink” or “Flashdance”), wearing pieces reminiscent of those times evokes fond memories and creates an emotional connection.

In conclusion…

The impact of 80s fashion on modern style cannot be denied. Its audacious color schemes, daring silhouettes, and unapologetic self-expression continue to captivate both designers and individuals alike. Whether you want to channel your inner Madonna or simply add some excitement to your wardrobe, embracing elements of this iconic era allows you not only to explore your fashion choices but also to pay homage to a time that still rocks today.


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